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About Company Biography

Hi! My name is Gabe Przygoda.

I'm a freelance videographer and designer based in central Illinois. I've got a degree in Electronic Media Production from Eastern Illinois University and am currently in pursuit of a Masters in Technology.

My experiences include:

  • Live Event Recording
  • Creative Film Production
  • Web Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design

I'm very flexible and can produce a variety of media depending on your needs.

Services What We Do

Graphic Design

Using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator, I design logos, posters, advertisements, and web graphics. From sculpting a new company image to refreshing a campaign, Blind Simon Productions can help. Dynamic motion graphics are also available.


Photo coverage of events as well as photo manipulation are also specialties of Blind Simon Productions. Dynamic slideshow videos are also available for meetings, promotions, and personal use.

Web Design

Using HTML5 and CSS3 I can create various webpages and elements to specification. For a simpler web prescence I can also set up a custom Blogger template for a lower cost alternative.


Unconventional videography is the heart and soul of Blind Simon Productions. Whether it's a promotional video, creative film, or documentary work, I'm happy to take point or integrate as part of team.

Portfolio Our Works

News Latest Posts

A New Look

Post 1

2012 was a busy year with classes, work, and new projects so I figured I'd take some time to rollout my new website for 2013. Blind Simon Productions now has a new responsive layout which can be viewed on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops with the same usability. I've taken some time this past semester to hone my skills with coding and hope this will be a beginning of a fruitful year with many new projects to come down the road.


Post 2

I've no longer been able to stave off the advances of social media... BlindSimon is now on twitter. Additionally, I've integrated the latest tweets into the contact section at the bottom of the page. Follow us @BlindSimon for more up to date information about life, hacks, and DIY projects. However, if you're like I was and prefer good old fashion email that works too. Shoot me an email at gabe@blindsimon.com or use our integrated contact form below. Have an awesome day.

WHAM Promo

Post 3

I was recently approached by a former professor of mine and asked to create a promotional spot for the upcoming events in conjunction with Women's History and Awareness Month on Eastern's Campus. They sent me a link to their previous promo... and I decided I could help them upgrade. I used After Effects and made this. I think it turned out better than their previous one, given the spotty communication and rush of the job (since they requested it only 2 and half weeks before the first event started). I decided to bite the bullet and make it in spite of the crazy month of grad school. It was a good experience overall.

New Logo

I spent most of my spring break creating a new logo sting for Blind Simon Productions. After several tedious experiments in After Effects, I was able to create an interesting "glow orb" (that's what I've been calling it anyway). I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I only used two light elements as source material to create the orb. The rest was all created in After Effects. I also figured out some cool workflows in After Effects that allow me to precomp animations a lot quicker. Hopefully I'll get to apply these skills in the not too distant future.

Contact Get in Touch

  • Address: 1107 3rd Street Charleston, IL 61920
  • Phone: 217-549-6105
  • Email: gabe@blindsimon.com